Ray Signorello Jr.
Title: Proprietor/Wine Maker
Email: ray@signorelloestate.com
Pierre Birebent
Title: Winemaker/Vineyard Manager
Email: pierre@signorelloestate.com
Michael Updegraff
Title: Sales Director
Email: michael@signorelloestate.com
Jeff Adams, CSW
Title: Director of Marketing and Sales
Email: jeff@signorelloestate.com
Britny Sundin
Title: Executive Chef
Email: britny@signorelloestate.com
Serafina Batista-Carson
Title: Tasting Room Manager
Email: serafina@signorelloestate.com
Jo Dayoan
Title: Wine Club Manager
Email: jo@signorelloestate.com
Angela Nelson
Title: Events Manager
Email: angela@signorelloestate.com
Carlos Vazquez
Title: Vineyard Foreman




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